Upcoming Group Show


Square1@GCSGallery 6 - 27 October 2018

A group show presenting a snapshot of the creative community of Square One Studios, Alexandria

Opening event: Saturday 6 October, 2-4 pm 

Finissage: Saturday 27 October, 2-4 pm

Artists ; Margaret Ackland, Stephen Bird, Jacqueline Butterworth, Melissa Chalker, Joanna Cole, Lada Dedic', Amy Dynan, Angus Gardner, Rowena Grace, Vicki Grima, Megan Hales, Shaun Hayes, Dominique Hindmarsh, Ian Hobbs, Gareth Jenkins, Owen Leong, Pamela Leung, Montessa Maack, Clare Nicholson, Sophi Odling, Alison Peters, Beth Radford, Natalie Rosin, Ralph Stanton, Ingrid Wahlstrom, Val Wens & Yioryios

Source: https://www.gcsgallery.com.au/